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AGICO is a direct factory that manufactures and supplies paper egg tray making machines and related facilities. After more than a decade’s endeavor, AGICO has become one of the top world-leading egg tray production line suppliers. AGICO has strong research and production ability. The fully automatic egg tray production line and the small egg tray making machine are especially welcomed by customers. We help customers select and buy the most cost-effective pulp molding machine to make sure they can get the benefit.

As the pulp-molded product market is growing rapidly, more and more investors have joined this business and chose AGICO as a partner. AGICO provides premium egg tray machines at a competitive price. Clients can start a profitable egg tray production line with just a few thousand dollars. Until now, we have exported to more than 20 countries and regions across the world. 

AGICO supplies the egg tray production line with output ranges from 1000 – 7000 pieces per hour. The egg tray production line can be configured as manual, semi-automatic, and automatic to meet customers’ specific needs.

The pulp molding machine can make a wide range of products according to the specific requirements of customers. Hot sale products include egg tray machines, egg carton machines, apple tray making machines, etc.

Supporting Machine

AGICO covers all supporting machines to make a high-efficient egg tray production line. The pulping machine, the drying machine, the packaging machine, and other necessary equipment are all available.

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Our Main Features

Advanced Equipment

The most updated egg tray making machines greatly improves efficiency and reduce energy consumption and maintenance cost.

Premium quality

The sturdy body and high-precision core component contribute to the superior performance of egg tray machines that have got CE and ISO certification.

Rich experience

Years of experience in manufacturing and supplying individual egg tray machines or complete production lines all over the world.

Efficient Factories

Mature manufacturing process with high efficiency and high capacity meet the supply demands for egg tray machines, various molds and other supporting machines.

Expert Engineers

Engineers with expert knowledge in technical solutions guide and assist from the very beginning till the smooth operation of the egg tray making machine.

Reasonable price

Being a direct factory, we have the advantage of cheap price. The price of the AGICO egg tray making machine is affordable while the quality is assured.

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Wuganda egg tray machine degugging
Hungary egg tray making machine with multi-layer dering
Ghana egg tray making machine delivering
egg tray production line with metal dryer in Turkey
egg tray making machine installed in Côte d'Ivoire
Hot Sale Products

Egg Tray Making Machine For Sale

Small Scale Egg tray production line


Output: 1000p/h, 1500p/h, 2000p/h, 2500p/h

Model: ZMDT3×1-1000 / ZMDT4×1-1500 / ZMDT3×4-2000 / ZMDT4×4-2500

Mold quantity: 3, 4, 12, 16

Power: 23.6kw/h, 27.3kw/h, 32.6kw/h, 34.2kw/h

Drying method: natural drying

medium to large Scale Egg tray production line


Output: 3000p/h, 4000p/h, 5000p/h,6000p/h, 7000p/h

Model: ZMDT3×8-3000/ Model: ZMDT4×8-4000/ ZMDT5×8-5000/ ZMDT6×8-7000

Mold quantity: 24, 32, 40, 48

Power: 88.9kw/h, 91kw/h, 100kw/h, 105kw/h

Drying method: brick dryer, metal dryer


Manual Egg Tray Machine

A manual egg tray production line uses a small egg tray making machine usually with an output between 1000-2500 pieces per hour. Labors collect the wet egg trays manually. The drying method is natural drying. It is suitable for investors with low production demand and has good weather conditions.

  • Machine Type: 1-side, 4-side
  • Mold quantity: 3, 4, 12, 16
  • Output:1000 pcs/h, 1500pcs/h, 2000pcs/h, 2500pcs/h
  • Drying method: natural drying

Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine

The semi-automatic egg tray machines have a higher capacity than manual egg tray machines and are always equipped with a cost-effective brick drying system. The conveying and packaging of egg trays is relying on manpower. The requirement of floor area is relatively high. (Note: Some regions’ weather condition do not allow the natural drying may also choose brick dryer even when the output belows 2500pcs/h.)

  • Machine Type: 1-sied, 4-side, 8-side
  • Mold quantity: 3, 4, 12, 16, 24, 32
  • Output: 1000-4000pcs/h
  • Drying method: brick dryer
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Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine

A fully automatic egg tray machine can be utilized for all scales of production as long as the budget is sufficient. However, the higher output lines use this more often in practice. The wet egg trays are automaticly conveyed to metal dryer or brick dryer. The finished products are gathered by the automatic stacking machine too 

  • Machine Type: 1-side, 4-side, 8-side
  • Mold quantity: 3, 4, 12, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48
  • Output:  1000-7000pcs/h
  • Drying method: multi-layer metal dryer/brick dryer

Working process of Egg tray making machine



The raw materials (waste paper) are turned into pulp with a certain concentration by a series of pulping machines. 



The egg trays are formed by the molding machines through a  vacuum system to make the pulp deposited on the mold. 



To dry the formed wet egg trays by drying machines such as metal dryer, brick dryer, or natural sun. 

stacker packing machine for egg tray


Hot press machines, automatic stacking machines, and press packing machines are most commonly used packaging machines. 

Multiful use machine

End Products Of egg tray making machine

Egg tray
Egg carton
apple tray
bottle tray
shoe tray
cup tray





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