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Egg Tray Production Line

Raw materials: waste paper

End products: egg trays, apple trays, shoe trays, seedling trays, etc.

Applicable industries: poultry breeding industry, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production industry, printing industry, paper industry

Output: 1000-7000pcs/h

Drying method: natural, brick dryer, metal dryer

Fuel: wood, coal, biomass pellet, natural gas, diesel, LPG

Investment: The actual price is subject to the quotation from the sales manager.

Brief Introduction of Egg tray production line

The egg tray production line is one of the most important applications of the pulp molding machine. It makes the massive production of egg trays possible. Any investor who has resources for a large number of waste papers can take advantage of the egg tray making machine. By changing the molds on the egg tray machine, different shapes of trays can be produced. The finished egg trays are in large demand by the poultry business.

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Manual Egg Tray Production Line

A manual egg tray production line uses a small egg tray making machine. It is suitable for investors with low production demand such as homeowners, new starters. The daily output is between 1000-2500.

AGICO semi-automatic egg tray production line

Semi-Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

Semi-automatic egg tray production lines produce more egg trays than manual egg tray machines. If the daily output of egg trays exceeds 2500 pieces, natural drying is not suggested. To make the production efficient, most investors choose brick drying for the semi-automatic production line since it is cost-effective. The conveying and packing process may still be counting on the manual worker.


Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

An automatic egg tray production line can be utilized for all scales of production as long as the budget is sufficient. It is equipped with the automatic metal dryer or brick dryer and has an automatic stacking machine to gather the finished products.The production capacity and the working efficiency are excellent.

The manufacturing process of the egg tray production line

The production line of egg trays includes pulping, molding, drying, packing four steps.

working process of egg tray production lne


Make the raw materials (waste paper) into paper pulp that is ready for the molding machine. The main process includes disintegration and pulping. The pulping equipment needed includes hydrapulper, pulp refiner, pulp pump, water pump.

  1. Put the raw materials into the hydraulic pulper, add an appropriate amount of water and stir for a long time to turn the waste paper into pulp. It then flows into the pulp storage tank for storage.
  2. Put the pulp in the storage tank into the mixing tank to adjust the concentration of the pulp. The water in the return tank is added to the slurry in the storage tank for further stirring by the pulp refiner. The pulp with suitable concentration is put into the supply tank to be used in the molding system.


This is the key step for the whole egg tray production line. The egg trays are formed by the molding machines through a  vacuum filtration system.

  1. The forming molds on the molding machine(egg tray machine) dip into the paper pulp and absorb it on the surface. The deposited pulp forms wet egg trays at this step. The unwanted water is separated at the same time and recycled to the water pool to work for a new round of pulping.
  2. The transfer molds take over the egg trays from the forming molds when the paper thickness is enough. It further compresses the wet egg trays and drains out more water.
  3. The egg trays fall off from the transfer mold by the function of compressing air in the cavity. A conveyor or a manual worker will hold the egg trays and remove them to the next step for drying.


Wet egg trays made by the molding machine need to be dried before they can be used. One can choose natural drying by sun and wind, or construction work of brick drying, or metal cabinet drying. It depends on the total output of egg trays and the investment affordable.

natural drying
brick drying
metal drying


Hotpress machines, automatic stacking machines, and press packing machines are most commonly used in the packing process.

stacker packing machine for egg tray
stacking machine
pressing machine
hot press for egg tray making

Advantages of AGICO egg tray production line

AGICO offers a one-stop solution for egg tray production from designing to installing. We have built a strong team to support the research and manufacturing as well as the professional pre and after-sales services. No matter you are new or not to this industry, our experts can give you a hand in selecting the most cost-effective egg tray machines and help you make a considerable profit.

AGICO sets high manufacturing and inspection standards for the egg tray production line. The control technology of the egg tray machine production line is mature to ensure the entire line runs stably and safely.

Reasonable Price

AGICO is a direct manufacturer can save cost for customers and offers affordable price.

Highly Automation

The production process is highly automated due to the integration of machines, electricity, and gas.

Reliale Performance

The operation of the egg tray production line is safe and reliable due to the high quality.

Low Failure

Thanks to the stable performance, there's low failure rate and less maintenance work.


Customizable configuration for each client to adapt the production capability.

Various Choice

The models of egg tray production line is extensive to meet specifc production demand.

specification of AGICO egg tray production line

Production line modelsOutput (p/h)Pulping machineEgg tray machineDrying type
Natural dryingCivil engineeringSingle-layer metalMultilayer metal

Consumption of AGICO egg tray production line

ModelsDrying typeMaterial(kg/h)Power(kw/h)Fuel(kg/h)
ZMDT3×1-1000Natural drying8525523.6
ZMDT3×1-1000TCivil engineering36.15022-3218-2818-28
ZMDT3×1-1000J1Single layer metal36.122-3218-2818-28
ZMDT3×1-1000J6Multilayer metal36.122-3218-2818-28
ZMDT4×1-1500Natural drying10230627.3
ZMDT4×1-1500TCivil engineering38.66026-3622-3222-32
ZMDT4×1-1500J1Single layer metal38.626-3622-3222-32
ZMDT4×1-1500J6Multilayer metal38.626-3622-3222-32
ZMDT3×4-2000Natural drying17051032.6
ZMDT3×4-2000TCivil engineering45.38337-4730-4030-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J1Single layer metal45.337-4730-4030-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J6Multilayer metal45.337-4730-4030-40
ZMDT4×4-2500Natural drying21263634.2
ZMDT4×4-2500TCivil engineering46.810446-5638-4838-48
ZMDT4×4-2500J1Single layer metal46.846-5638-4838-48
ZMDT4×4-2500J6Multilayer metal46.846-5638-4838-48
ZMDT3×8-3000TCivil engineering25576588.912556-6646-5646-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J1Single-layer metal88.956-6646-5646-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J6Multilayer metal88.956-6646-5646-56
ZMDT4×8-4000TCivil engineering34010209116067-7755-6555-65
ZMDT4×8-4000J1Single layer metal9167-7755-6555-65
ZMDT4×8-4000J6Multilayer metal9167-7755-6555-65
ZMDT5×8-5000TCivil engineering424127210018582-9267-7767-77
ZMDT5×8-5000J1Single layer metal10082-9267-7767-77
ZMDT5×8-5000J6Multilayer metal10082-9267-7767-77
ZMDT5×12-6000TCivil engineering510153010520892-10377-8777-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J1Single layer metal10592-10377-8777-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J6Multilayer metal10592-10377-8777-87
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