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Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Brief Introduction

The automation level of an egg tray making machine is defined as a fully automatic egg tray machine, semi-automatic egg tray machine, and manual egg tray making machine. The difference between them is not the definite output but the drying method and packaging way.

A manual egg tray machine needs workers to collect the egg trays falling from the transfer mold and send them for natural drying under the sun or in a greenhouse by using the cart.

A semi-automatic egg tray machine commonly uses the brick drying method. The main feature is that after the wet egg trays are formed, they are moved to the brick dryer by manual workers.

A fully automatic egg tray machine can be utilized for all scales of the egg tray production line as long as the budget is sufficient. However, the higher output lines use this kind of machine more often in practice. The wet egg trays are automatically conveyed to the metal dryer or brick dryer. The finished products are gathered by the automatic stacking machine too. 

AGICO automatic egg tray machine for sale

The most popular product is 1-side, 4-side,8-side, automatic egg tray making machine.

automatic egg tray machine in Morocco
DT4-8 automatic egg tray machine in Morocco
DT4-8 4000pcs-automatic-egg-tray-machine-in-Iraq

Specification of the AGICO automatic egg tray machine

ModelOutput(p/h)Pulping MachineEgg Tray MachineMaterial ConsumptionElectricity Consumption(kw/h)

Working process of an automatic egg tray machine

The production process of an automatic egg tray machine has no different from other types of pulp molding machines. It goes through pulping, molding, drying, and packaging to get the desired finished product. The working flow is shown in the picture below.

working process of automatic egg tray machine

Comparison of automatic egg tray machine semi-automatic egg tray machine and manual egg tray machine

Automatic egg tray machine


  1. High capacity brings more profit.
  2. The highly automatic operation brings high efficiency. The metal cabinet dryer has a single layer or multiple layers. The ones with more layers finish large amounts of egg trays in a very short time.
  3. Metal dryers need less working space. The brick dryer is built as 70 meters or more while the metal dryer is only about half the length of it.
  4. The metal dryer is more environmentally friendly than brick drying since it can not use coal and wood as heat sources.


The total cost of an automatic production line is higher than the manual and semi-automatic production lines.

Semi-automatic egg tray machine


Moderate production capacity with less investment compared to the automatic production line. It is the most cost-effective choice for medium-capacity demand investors.


Brick drying needs a large space for the construction work. Besides, it will harm the environment if choosing wood or coal as the heat source.

Manual egg tray machine


Low investment. The manual egg tray production line uses natural sun and wind to finish drying. The energy and construction cost of drying equipment is saved.


Labors are needed to keep receiving the egg trays falling from molding machines and transfer them outside for drying. Packing is also finished by workers.

The high-efficient drying system of automatic egg tray machine

The drying system of an egg tray production line is essential as it greatly influences the total cost. The automatic egg tray production line always uses a metal dryer. The floor area of a single-layer metal dryer is about 60-70 meters which are quite large. Normally, an automatic egg tray machine is equipped with a multi-layer metal dryer. For one thing, it can save nearly half the space of the single-layer metal dryer. For another, the production is more efficient. Take the 6 layer metal dryer, for example, it only takes less than 20 minutes to finish the drying.

The benefit of a multi-layer metal dryer

  • Less transportation cost
  • The volume is small and the weight of the multi-layer metal dryer is less. So the cost for delivery is relatively lower.

  • Less floor area
  • The space needed for a multi-layer metal dryer is less than a single-layer metal dryer and brick dryer. It saves site expenses.

  • Clean and environmentally friendly
  • The energy it uses is cleaner than the brick dryer. It does not harm the environment.

  • Higher efficiency
  • The efficiency is much higher than other types of drying systems which saves time and improves productivity.

The price of a fully automatic egg tray machine

The cost of a fully automatic egg tray machine is higher than the manual egg tray machine and semi-automatic egg tray machine. However, the labor force and floor area are less and will save time and investment.

The most common capacity of a fully automatic egg tray machine is between 1000 to 7000 pieces per hour. The estimated price of a 1000 pcs/h automatic egg tray machine is about $10,000. The estimated price of 6000-7000 pcs/h automatic egg tray machine is about $100,000.

The price above is not precise. The actual price may be above or below that.

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Advantages of AGICO automatic egg tray machine

  • High operation accuracy
  • The automatic egg tray machine adopts a Taiwan brand cam splitter to make sure accuracy and reduce noise.

  • High automation
  • The highly automatic PLC control system and the stacker packaging system saves labor cost.

  • Long service life
  • The pulper and the drying chamber adopt stainless steel which is anti-corrosion thus the service life can be extended.

  • Energy saving
  • Save 30% or more energy consumption in the drying process due to the use of multi-layer structures and the unique heat source distribution.

  • Customization available
  • The molds can be customized according to clients’ requirements.

Support Machine
Hot Sale
1-side egg tray machine 1000-1500pcs/h

4-side egg tray machine 1800-2500pcs/h


8-side egg tray machine 3000-7000pcs/h

4000pcs/h egg tray production line
2000pcs/h egg tray production line
1500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line
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