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Pulp Molding Machine

Brief Introduction of Pulp molding machine

According to the operating method of forming mold, there are reversing pulp molding machines, reciprocating pulp molding machines, rotary drum pulp molding machines.

According to the drying and packing method, customers can choose from a manual egg tray making machine, semi-automatic egg tray machine, fully automatic egg tray machine.

A pulp molding machine is the general name of a machine that produces pulp molded products. It provides an environmental-friendly solution for food and industrial packaging. The raw material is biodegradable and the production process is environmentally friendly. 

The pulp molding machine can make a wide range of products according to the specific requirements of customers. Hot sale products on the market include biodegradable tableware, cup lids, egg trays, egg cartons, apple trays, and other shapes of trays. The end products play the role not only as containers but also as cushions that solve the fragile problems during long-distance transportation. In addition, they make ordinary storage of eggs and other food clean and convenient.

Easy and worth investing pulp molding machine

Pulp molded products have the advantages of easily available raw materials, easy production process, no pollution, easily degradable, recyclable. The market trend is up and is estimated to grow more in the next seven years.

Easy Raw Materials

Using waste newspapers, cardboard box scraps, recycled paper tubes etc. as raw materials, the pulp molding machine can generate degradable pulp molded products. From the raw materials to the finished product, there is nearly no pollution. It is environmentally friendly. More importantly, the raw materials are easily available. The resource is wide such as recycling companies, individuals, and paper mills. The price of recycled papers is cheap. If you have connections with local paper mills, you can even collect the tail slurry and save the cost of scrap waste papers.

Easy Production

Using virgin paperboard, waste paper, carton, etc. as raw materials, through the process of pulping and refining, the paper is turned into fibers and suspended in water to form pulps. According to the characteristics of the products to be produced, the fiber length and pulp concentration can be appropriately controlled to meet the needs of the products. Adding special additives to the pulp can make the product have functions such as waterproof and oil-proof. Adding appropriate pigments can make the product have a variety of colors.

Good Market Prospect

The performances of pulp molding machines have been continuously improved because of years of independent innovation the pulp molding technology has gone through. The production process has been gradually improved, and the cost of products has been driven to stabilize. At this stage, the cost of China's paper tray products is similar to that of plastic foam products. The cost of some paper tray products is already lower than that of plastic foam products. Paper tray products replace plastic foam products have feasibility analysis in terms of performance indicators and product costs. Not to mention its advantages in environmental protection, it has become an inevitable development trend for paper pulp molded products to replace plastic foam products.

AGICO Pulp molding equipment for sale

AGICO is a professional supplier of pulp molding equipment. By changing the molds(dies) on the machine, you can get various types of final products. The productivity of AGICO pulp molding equipment ranges from 1000 pieces per hour to 7000 pieces per hour. 

Main type of pulp molding machine

The main type of our pulp molding machine includes egg tray machine, egg carton machine, apple tray making machine, bottle tray making machine, shoe tray making machine, seedling tray making machine, cup tray making machine, etc. egg tray making machine.

Main type of molds

The mold of the pulp molding machine is an essential part that affects the quality of finished products. Highly automatic CNC machining is adopted to make sure the precision of molds. Good molds will help improve production efficiency. Until now, AGICO has egg tray molds, egg carton molds, apple tray molds, seed tray molds, bottle tray molds, shoe tray molds, etc. Other types of molds can be customized too.

AGICO pulp molding-egg-tray-machine

AGICO Egg tray making machine has multiple capacities to satisfy different scales of production. There is one sied, four sides, eight sides, machines. The corresponding mold quantity is between 3 to 64. The output ranges from 1000-7000 pieces per hour.


Egg Carton Machine

The egg carton machines can produce egg cartons with 6, 12, and other number of cavities. You only need to change the detachable molds and get the expected final products. AGICO can design and manufacture the apple tray mold, customization is available.


Apple Tray Making Machine

The apple tray making machine is one of the popular equipment. It is an application of pulp molding machines just like the egg tray machine and egg carton machine. The pulped apple trays made by the AGICO apple tray machine have stable quality and broad sales.

Features of AGICO Paper pulp Molding Machine

Superior performance with a competitively low price

AGICO’s pulp molding equipment has been well recognized by more than 20 countries across the world, such as Indian, Tanzanian, Philippine, Algerian, Egypt, Senegalese, Syrian, Uganda, Ivorian, Brazil, Venezuelan, Kazakhstan, and so on. Customers highly praised our paper pulp molding machines since they make a profit based on the features listed below.


Our Services

AGICO provides the customer with satisfactory products and services. We continuously improve the quality of service, from in-sale to after-sale delivery, technical services, user technical training, etc., to ensure that customers can get better services so that customers are satisfied and assured.

Service One

Tailor-made configurations for specific requirements from customers. AGICO can customize the whole pulp molding equipment or parts of it.

Service two

Engineers are sent to on-site projects to teach and help customers with installation and commissioning. The remote guidance is free of charge.

Service three

The warranty period of the equipment under the contract is a free warranty within one year after successful installation and commissioning.

Specification of AGICO pulp molding machine

ModelZMDT3×1-1000 T/J1/J6ZMDT4×1-1500 T/J1/J6ZMDT3×4-2000 T/J1/J6ZMDT4×4-2500 T/J1/J6ZMDT3×8-3000 T/J1/J6ZMDT4×8-4000 T/J1/J6ZMDT5×8-5000 T/J1/J6ZMDT5×12-6000 T/J1/J6
Forming mold quantity (piece)34121624324060
Electricity consumption (kw/h)36.138.645.346.888.991100105
Material consumption (kg/h)Paper85102170212255340424510
Fuel consumptionCoal506083104125160185208
Natural gas22-3226-3637-4746-5656-6667-7782-9292-103
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