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Egg Tray Machine

Brief Introduction Of Egg Tray Machine

The egg tray making machine is a piece of special equipment for the production of pulp molded products such as egg trays/cartons,fruit apple trays,bottle trays, seedling trays, etc. 

It has been invented and successfully developed to solve the packaging and transportation issues of fragile items such as poultry eggs, bottled beer or other bottled beverages, bottled medical or chemical preparations, etc.


AGICO supplies egg tray making machines, egg carton machines, apple tray making machines, etc. pulp molding machines.

The world is now more and more conscious of environmental problems. Egg trays and other pulp molded products are green products strongly recommended by the global Environmental Protection Agency. It gradually replaces the packaging products such as plastic foam. Egg tray machine is a new and prosperous business to invest in.

Low Cost With High ROI Egg tray machine

The threshold of this business is relatively low, and the capital investment of an egg tray production line is relatively small. A few thousand dollars worth of egg tray equipment can produce more than 1 ton of products per day. The production line of medium-sized egg tray machines is only tens of thousands of dollars, which can be done in one day. The large-scale production line with more than ten tons of output that adopts the latest technology only requires hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest.

Easy and cheap raw materials of egg tray machine

The source of raw materials for egg tray production is quite extensive, such as waste newspapers, cardboard box scraps, recycled paper tubes etc. These raw materials are cheap, easy to access, environmentally friendly. The price is about 2000rmb/t that is about $314  per ton.


Fast working process of egg tray machine

The raw materials are formulated into a certain concentration of pulp by hydraulic pulping and batching processes. The pulp is vacuum-adsorbed on a special metal mold to form a wet green product, and the wet green product is then dried and hot-pressed to form egg trays.


Multiple end products of egg tray machine

By changing the mold on the machine, egg trays, egg cartons, apple trays, shoe trays, bottle trays, seedling trays, etc. are produced by the egg tray machine.

egg tray
egg carton
apple tray
cup tray
bottle tray
shoe tray

AGICO Egg Tray Machine For Sale

Choosing high-efficient egg tray machines made by AGICO helps you get high ROI in a short term. AGICO Egg tray making machine has multiple capacities to satisfy different scales of production. The output ranges from 1000 to 7000 pieces per hour. Customers can choose a suitable egg tray production line equipped with a manual egg tray making machine, semi-automatic egg tray machine, or automatic egg tray machine

  • 7000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 6000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 5000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 4000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 3000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 2500 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 2000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine
  • 1500 pcs/h Egg Tray  Machine
  • 1000 pcs/h Egg Tray Machine

  • Egg carton making machine
  • Apple tray making machine
  • Seedling tray making machine
  • Shoe tray machine
  • bootle tray machine
  • cup tray machine

The price of egg tray machine

The price of egg tray machines varies from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The main factors that influence the price are the capacity of the egg tray machine, the drying type, the packaging method. The larger the capacity, the higher the price. The natural drying cost less than the brick dryer. The brick dryer costs less than the metal dryer.

Hot sale products

The most popular product is 1-side, 4-side,8-side, rotary drum egg tray machine. The quantity of mold on the forming side can be 3 at least and 48 at most. The more sides and molds an egg tray machine has, the higher output and efficiency it gets.

1-side Manual Egg Tray Machine

  • Model:DT3×1, 4×1
  • Output:1000, 1500pcs/h
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Mold Quantity:3,4

4-side Manual Egg Tray Machine

  • Model:DT3×4, 4×4
  • Output:1800-2500pcs/h
  • Power:3kw
  • Mold Quantity:12,16

8-side Manual Egg Tray Machine

  • Model: DT3×8, 4×8, 5×8, 6×8
  • Output:3000-7000pcs/h
  • Power:3kw, 4kw 
  • Mold Quantity:24,32, 40, 48

Working principle of the rotary drum egg tray machines

The rotary drum keeps rotating, one side after another of the drum immerses in high concentrations of pulp and absorbs the slurry under the vacuum negative pressure. The deposited pulp on the forming mold is containing a lot of water. By vacuuming, some of the water is drained out. After a circular rotation, one of the sides comes to the position right facing the transfer mold. The formed egg trays are loaded through the transfer mold. As soon as the egg trays leave the forming mold of one side, another side rotates to the face of the transfer mold and immediately repeats the transferring. This process is continuous and greatly improves production efficiency.

Specifications of AGICO egg tray machine

odelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
DTF 3×110002.23
DTF 4×115002.24
DT 3×41800-2300312
DT 4×42200-2500316
DT 3×83000-4000324
DT 4×83500-4500332
DT 5×84000-5000440
DT 6×86000-700048
DT 5×125000-6000460

Advantages of AGICO egg tray machine

  • Customizable molds
  • The molds can be customized according to samples or drawings of customers. Different specifications on one mold can be realized too.

  • Quality motor
  • AGICO uses a pure copper-made motor whereas some others do not. It greatly reduces noise and prolongs the service life.

  • Brand cam splitter
  • Taiwan brand cam splitter is adopted, the accuracy of equipment operation is higher, the inertia of the equipment is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is extended.

  • Heat-treated spare parts
  • The chains and sprockets in the metal dryer are heated to increase the strength and wear resistance which in turn extend the service life.

  • 100% new material
  • The materials are guaranteed to be 100% new, not second-hand recycled steel, especially in the pulper and drying chamber.

Supporting Machine

A full system of egg tray production line not only needs an egg tray machine but also needs other supporting machines. The pulping machine, the drying machine, and the packing machine are equipped to finish the whole production.

pulping machine
metal drying machine

Why Choose AGICO

  • 20+ years of participating in the egg tray machine manufacturing and supplying.

  • 20+ countries of customers all over the world have purchased our products and made a noble profit.

  • Professional research and service teams guarantee the turnkey solution works smoothly.

  • Reasonable prices enable customers to get returns in a short period.

  • AGICO egg tray machines have the features of premium quality and long service life.
Support Machine
Hot Sale
1-side egg tray machine 1000-1500pcs/h

4-side egg tray machine 1800-2500pcs/h


8-side egg tray machine 3000-7000pcs/h

4000pcs/h egg tray production line
2000pcs/h egg tray production line
1500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line
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